Monday, November 3


As much strong so frail, twisted
like a thread of steel
a steel woll rounds my heart
chained, chained, chained ...
complicated, so much feeble
needy of hep.

My angels are gone away
so far, I don’t know where
I remember only when:
my heart were a ball of woll, afraid
clear of ice, as free as air
so free from care.

An ice star?
Somethin’ of special/SHIT rounds me
that hold me, I'm so
chained, chained, chained ...
I'm hangin’ in the air with
someone that tell me
somethin’ that I don’t understand.

No one understands my chained thread
surrounded by so many fears
my heart drips so many tears
all chained … with no shape
all inborn in myself
a truth that I slip out of my hand
that stab me in the back
makes up of myself.

Tryn' to sail this sea
I meet only rocks that hurt me
surrounded by this bitin’ wind
that becomes a rain of lyin’ smiles is a sandstorm:
your smiles became grains of sand
with no meaning more for me.

By now my angels are so far
so lonely in this sea
with only a sword
in the hand
a broken smile
on the face.

Holding my breath
I blow kisses for you
closing my eyes
your kisses
rain on my face
so your kisses become fears
and my heart drips so many tears

I keep on sailing
in this sea
letin' behind
chained pieces of me …


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