Sunday, October 31


Miles Aldridge

yvan rodic

Mario Testino for Bird
The Selby

I feel me like grrrrrrrrrrr

I feel me like gold or not
I feel me paralyzed like models of Miles!
But I'm an astronaut and I want to see beyond
Sorry, I'm an astronaut and I have to see beyond
This is to live

I choose the penultimate pic cause he has the same color of my hair;)
Thanks for all lovely "hellopinion"/comments
Bacii S


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh I love that first photo :D

Tamy & Yasmin said...

I loved the third one! Nice pictures

silvana maiorano said...

i'm in love too
wid the 3 pic
thankks yasmin;)

verychiclist said...

love the last pic :)

Jess said...

i like your selection of images =)

Solid Frog said...

Lovely selection of cool pics!

Ola said...

well the poeam is so true.:>

Anonymous said...

thank you!
your blog looks very interesting
i think i have to follow you
seem as if you're from italy. how cool
i'll try to make an english version so you can read it

My Own Strange Little World said...

Hi!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!!! Your blog is really nice too!!

Victoria said...

Unstable feelings can bring about the most beautiful art- these are gorgeous images, thanks for sharing!

The Breakfast Lover said...

I would like to be an astronaut!

Anonymous said...

love thees :D


Down Loneystreet said...

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Raphael Baudry,


I love the fifth image down, its invokes such a beautiful feeling.


thelayeredpancake said...

hellopinion...ahaha so cute. great photographs, that second photograph is my life right now on repeat.

danica said...

great images - they work really well together.

Claudia said...

Thankyou for your sweet comment! :)

The Breakfast Lover said...

oH! maybe you wont like my capuccino post.. cause if you are italian you must be an especialist! maybe you can tell me something more about this drink.

3ate4 said...

Love that last image!