Sunday, October 24


ILL. I'm so sick of  this system. To listen this common mind that speaks, speaks common things
common fuckin things.
I feel me ready and don't really care if nobody trust in me.
I'm sorry, I can't stand this for too long.

Life needs craziness, you know?


Dutch dreamer said...

hell yeah i know.

Tonio said...

At least you have this space to express yourself.
Keep going! and cheer up, things are no gonna change, that´s FOR SURE, and fell de DIFFERNECE as a gift, and let common people live their common lives.


Solid Frog said...

I really like your blog, stylish!

cool hunter said...

thanks for write me, I follow you now,

verychiclist said...

I tried to add this blog with google connect but it doesn't work...I don't know why...

beautiful lovely blog :)


woowww gorgeous pictures!!!

janettaylor said...

Ur blog is great too...thanks for stopping by.


Youri said...

nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

You hang in there :)
you have cool blog tho


Puck Litaay said...

The first pic is breathtaking.


Claudia said...

Oh really! Can you show me a picture of the prada boot? Im curious about how they look!


The Ram said...

Thank you for your comment!
AND, I'm LOVING what you said here.
I agree - life needs craziness.
And I'm SO tired of common things also. Let's talk about interesting things, view intriguing images, and push the limits with our clothing!
Rock on, girl.

Maria said...

so true...

Anonymous said...

Почему регистрация не работает ?

Anonymous said...

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