Monday, September 20


the selby

yvan rodic


I love beautiful and strange things, dresses, design, people and other.
I'm curious and I need positive people.
This cake is for a friend: not birthday but the beginning of a new life.
This last image is for me: I wanna go to the Moon as soon to possible!! And Tokyo.


Dutch dreamer said...

Gorgeous post! Happy to have found your blog through your comment on mine... ;)

silvana maiorano said...

oh thank you!!
honour for me...

Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

Beautiful pics...

Catherine said...

It's fun and cool, love the style of each look

Anonymous said...

i agree, beautiful and strange things are what catch my eye also :)


p.s tokyo is amazing, i would definitely go if i were you

little moon lover said...

I've been looking at your blog and you have some seriously awesome photos.. and the on top of your blog of kirsten dunst as marie antoinette is amazing haha.. I love that movie..
thanks for your comment on my blog.. I know I'll be checking up yours.. and by the way.. count me in on this last picture.. I too wanna go to the moon.. let me know when a bus starts giving rides all the way to space.. stay cool!